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Best Instagram Content Strategy in 2020

instagram marketing Jan 21, 2020

Content is everything and if you find the right strategy you will be really dominating Instagram in 2020. If you are stuck with ideas, you can always curate existing content and even look at these guys and come up with ideas from their existing posts.

Of course without entirely copying them! Please don't rely on the growth hacking strategies like massvoting, engagement groups, powerlikes, fake followers and etc.

If you are not going to figure out your content strategy which brings you consistent growth, you won't be able to succeed in 2020.

Let's work hard on the content and dominate 2020 together

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Best Strategy to Research Hashtags on Instagram

instagram marketing Jan 18, 2020

Hashtags are still working very well to get discovered by new people and get more engagement on your posts. But in order for them to work, you need to do proper research! In this video, I am excited to show you how you can do that.

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#1 Strategy to Grow on Instagram in 2020

instagram marketing Jan 18, 2020


It's becoming harder and harder to grow the account these days. Automation is coming to an end. A lot of strategies that worked well before are not working anymore.

So, what we can do differently in 2020 to grow our Instagram?


It sounds simple but in reality, it will develop a massive snowball effect towards your growth on Instagram!

Let's hustle and build a stronger profile in 2020!

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Why You Should Focus on IGTV in 2020

instagram marketing Dec 26, 2019


Going all-in on IGTV could be your best decision right now. It's been more than a year since Instagram has released it but there are so many opportunities on how IGTV could help your brand or business!

Build trust with your audience
Document your journey
Monetize your brand
Expand your network

and so much more...

Check out my FREE Training on how you can create a professional-looking profile

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[005] Instagram Story Viewing UPDATE!

instagram marketing Oct 26, 2019

Hey guys!

I am excited to announce the new episode on our FreelanceHustle Podcast!

You can listen to it on the following platforms:

iTunes Podcasts


Google Podcasts


Pocket Casts

Radio Public

In this episode, I talked about the latest method to grow your Instagram through "Story Watching" and how Instagram is trying to change their algorithm so many platforms would not perform these actions. Of course for a lot of agencies and platforms that could be the end of the day but we always need to look for solutions and not give up.

If you are interested to know what are the best tools out there to automate your posting on Instagram, check out my FREE GUIDE HERE


Thank you for your support guys!

See you soon in the next episode!



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