Why Does Your Fiverr Gig Rank Low?

Every week I share tips and strategies of succeeding in the gig economy space, especially on a marketplace like Fiverr. Thank you for checking out this week’s publication!

Every platform or marketplace has it’s own unique algorithm. Often times people rack their brains to understand how to twist this algorithm in their favor. The same goes with Fiverr. The most common question are: “How do you reach the top of the search rankings?” or “Why did my gig suddenly drop out of the rankings?”.

After spending a few years on the platform I came up with my own theory of how to get ranked high. In today’s newsletter I describe this theory in detail.

Before diving into ranking specifics, please keep in mind the following:

  1. Level status

  2. Current # of orders in queue

  3. Reviews in the last 7 days

  4. Private buyer feedback

Disclaimer: Everything that I will write next is based solely on my own predictions and thoughts. I don’t have any insider information from Fiverr nor do I have any affiliation with the company.

Fiverr has several pages where you can get the most traffic from:

  • Recommended list

  • Best selling list (the most important!)

  • Promoted gigs (it’s not available to everyone, you need to have at least 30 reviews on your gig)

  • Seasonal promotion pages (every other season Fiverr will promote specific gigs on special pages dedicated to certain holidays/notable times of the year)

Ok, now let’s get into the specifics of each point. I will try to be as descriptive as possible!


The level status is not a crucial point in ranking your gig high, but it will help you stay at the top longer (maybe even forever). I remember that when I was at Level 1 and Level 2 my gig was always jumping in the rankings. I would be ranked on the first page for a few days and then suddenly drop to page 5 or 6. When I became a Top Rated Seller I definitely noticed a difference. As soon as I became a TRS, my gigs became secured on the first page and didn’t move much more since then. It looks like you acquire some sort of immune system for staying on the first page more consistently. That is possible, however, only if you meet other criteria. Let’s discuss them next.


If you take a look at most of the gigs ranked on the first page in the “best selling” category you will notice that most of them (or all) will have quite a few orders in queue. I do believe it’s an important factor because it tells Fiverr that your gig has a high demand or interest. That makes the Fiverr algorithm push your gig higher in the search and increases your exposure to buyers. Try to experiment with this and potentially increase your “delivery time” to more days.


Another theory that I have is that you can increase visibility when you receive numerous positive (5-star) feedback in the course of a 7-day period. This indicates that you are able to keep up your awesome work and therefore makes Fiverr put you at the top of the search. Replying to your buyers feedback won’t really make a big difference, but I strongly suggest to do so as that actually increases your conversion rate.


This has honestly been a very important factor for me. It is also one that Fiverr looks at very closely when determining a sellers eligibility to become a Top Rated or a Pro Seller. I do believe feedback plays an important factor in your rankings as well. If you really want to have outstanding private feedback, then you always need to over-deliver and surprise your customers with some nice bonuses. Therefore please be careful when clicking the button “deliver your order” before you actually FULLY deliver the order to your customer. For that Fiverr can give you a warning (which might be a red flag for your account).

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