When Fiverr gave a promoted Gig option. Then we can use this feature or no?

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Thank you soo much sir vasily kichigin, I am working only on Fiverr from 2021 and till now I have completed 40 orders, and 30 orders got five star reviews,

Now I am level one

Can you tell me how to grow ofter this?

I am always online 24 hourse

Is any step remain to do? To grow

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I've been freelancing on Upwork as a content writer but now I have a relatively new Fiverr profile (like two weeks old). I have published about 5 gigs all attracting about 150 impressions (as of now) and no single hire. What can I do to get hired? Freelance is my full-time dedication.

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Level two seller on Fiverr. But all Gig's are de-rank. Sad! Give me tips please

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